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Your data and network are the lifeblood of a modern company. Most businesses don't realize this until the data has been damaged or taken. Are you taking the precautions to keep them safe? We use the latest hardware appliances and programs to protect your data.

Backup Solutions

Using tape drives, external hard drives or offsite providers we develop a backup system that will protect your data.

SpyBots, Adware and Virus's

Using current programs we will install and configure ways to keep your system free of these unwanted pests. Why give your production time to someone else when it is possible with a small invest to keep your systems free and performing at their full speed.


Microsoft Patches

Macaw Enterprises is a TechNet member and we are notified of all security risks. We also receive monthly information we use to keep you up to date. Using Microsoft Windows Server Update Service we can automatically download and install Critical Updates, Security Updates, and other important patches for your network.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is a tool that checks your network for security holes. With this tool we will check your complete network and repair any risks.

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